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cctv lancashire

cctv lancashire we at cctvnet have just installed a brand new cctv system at self storage in rossendale lancashire with help of elitedriveways security who worked on the civils for the cctv project for the lancashire cctv installation, we also cover manchester and cheshire, the system was not simple to install but with the combined work of elitedriveways driveway security and cctvnet it was possible to complete the cctv system in time. 24 hour cctv monitored and serviced, we installed covert cameras dome cameras wireless camerars detectors and cabled network for the cctv system lancashire.

this not the first self storage depot we have installed cctv throught the uk

cctv lancashire   

CCTV lancashire for a new generation

cctv lancashire cctvCCTV installations and surveillance systems have been with us for some time now, however most companies will try to sell a system based on their limitations of expertise as opposed to what your requirements really are. Fortunately we understand that every type of business has it's own security requirement. You know your own business best and where your security issues arise so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are here to help.

The company prides itself on delivering to the customer sensible and user friendly technology. Our brief is to examine the customers security requirement, the durability of the specified equipment and of course the cost implication. All our installations utilize industry standard equipment and we extend to our customers up to 3 years warranty on cameras, digital video recorders and access control systems.


CCTVNET is flexible as a company we are always open to new ideas, whether it be in the domestic or commercial sector.
Our core business is CCTV lancashire installations backed up by 24 hour, 365 days a year remote monitoring which is achieved by utilizing ADSL broadband connections and 3G networks.


All to often in the security industry, sales people have the tendency to sell a client something that they really do not require and hence try to bump up their commission.

CCTVNET's sales staff come from an engineering background and are trained to provide the customer with a security solution that meets their specific needs. The company gives prospective customers access to our monitoring station and existing sites and we are more than happy for you to speak to our customers directly. If it's do-able we'll do it. If it can't be done we won't try, our motto is "undersell and over deliver".

cctv lancashire cctv

CCTV lancashire has historically been associated with the commercial sector of the marketplace, the largest growth area being town and city centre surveillance.

All of this has forced crime back into the suburbs, where cctv has currently a very low presence.

CCTVNET is developing low cost surveillance solutions for the domestic market and is working in conjunction with developers and maintenance companies on new and existing homes. The aim is to integrate both cctv and access control equipment ie; automated gates.

* If you require a free and no obligation quotation for your company or home, contact details are available on the site. cctv lancashire cctv system installers lancashire cctv manchester cheshire wireless dome cameras cabled network cameras
installers lancashire cctv system surveillance systems covert digital video recorders detectors automated gates.rossendale lancashire

* The company is based in lancashire the north west of England and predominately this is the area that we cover, however we do have many installations all across the U.K.
cctv lancashire installation cctv system installers lancashire manchester and cheshire wireless dome cameras cabled network surveillance systems covert detectors digital video

secure self storage lancashire cctv installers cctvnet rossendale lancashire
cctv manchester

lancashire cctv

driveway security

driveway paving

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