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Walshaw Driveway

Elite Driveways are specialists installers of patten imprinted concrete driveways in Walshaw, Bury and all the surrounding areas. They have been laying beautiful driveways, paving and patios for the past 25 years. They have a firm reputation for excellent  craftsmanship, hassle-free installations and excellent prices.

Pattern imprinted concrete comes in a massive array of colours and patterns to make each seperate driveway totally unique. The finished surface is 25% stronger than traditional concrete and virtually maintenance-free. The surface is sealed to repel dirt, stains and plant growth.

The driveway is laid on a substantial sub-base to eliminate cracks, sagging and susidance. There are hidden expansion joints to allow the finished concrete to move freely in the extremes of hot and cold.


With more and more cars in each household, pattern imprinted concrete driveways offer the opportunity to expand your existing driveway and more all of your valuable cars off the street. They can also be used to offer a garden area useable all round or simply to enhance the appearance of your home.

Walshaw driveways are laid in five distinct phases.First the survey levels are checked to ensure the falls are right and any water will run away from the house! If not deco drain or aco drain must be installed to preserve the property from damp. We also to check for cables and pipes and a drawing of works schedule is then agreed.There is the excavation of the area for the new surface and the laying of the sub-base. This is of identical material used in the construction of roads and motorways. Tthe drainige is installed and new manholes are set The concrete is poured, levelled and coloured. A secondry colour covers the area for two reasons: one is aesthetic; the other is to protect the print. As the pattern imprint is set when wet, so the release preserves the print when the mats are lifted and the unique pattern is imprinted. Expansion joitnts are installed on a return visit. Finally the driveway is sealed and cleaned. This gives a lasting finish and completes the trasformation of your property.

The colour and pattern of the driveway is permanent and this can be cleaned and resealed at any time to give that 'just laid' appearance. Every time you drive to your door you will appreciate your great investment that will last for a lifetime. Every time you have a visitor they might just have eyes green with envy!

For a free site suurvey, detailed quotation and full range of pattern and colour choices for your Walshaw, driveway, paving or patio just call Elite Driveways on 01706 831 248.
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