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Radcliffe Driveway




Elite Driveways cover all regions of the Northwest. Alongside you will see  an installation in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester.

The pattern imprinted concrete driveway runs the entire length of the car parking area and into the garage. There is also a useful area of hardstanding to the left of the residential door. This area was previously unusable as it was paved with slabs which had become waterlogged, uneven and treacherous in icy conditions.

This particular installation posed its own set of problems. The property is built on a predominently clay area with a high water table. This posed serious problems with lack of drainage and had proved a totally unstable base for the slabs that had been laid previously.

No matter how many times the slabs were relaid, the high level of the standing water had caused the paving to become loose. This had lead to the whole surface sudsiding under the weight of the standing cars and the paving itself to settle in all sorts of angles. This was not only damaging to the underside of the vehicles but had made walking on the driveway very dangerous.

The solution was to completely clear the existing surface and damaged concrete footings underneath. The land was excavated by a full eight inches. A sub-base of MOT grade II (used for the foundations of British roads and motorways) was laid to provide adequate drainage and strength for the new surface. The specialised fibre-reinforced concrete was poured to a depth of four inches and now sealed, is 25% stronger than traditional mixes.

The whole driveway was laid with a definitive fall line which angles all rainfall away from the property itself and leaves no standing water on the drive as well. There is no possibility of the driveway area becoming waterlogged in the future as the drainage in the sub-base is permanent.

The Platinum Silver colour of the driveway is permanent and the final seal will repel all moisture, stains, weeds and algae. The whole project has completely transformed the outside of this property and added instant 'kerb appeal' at a very reasonable price.

For your, free, no obligation for your own Radcliffe, driveway, patio or paving simply call Elite Driveways on 01706 831 248. An experienced engineer will provide a full site survey, quotation for cost and works schedule.















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  Radcliffe Driveway. Drive during excavation.Radcliffe Driveway. Completed driveway.Radcliffe Driveway. All water designed to drain to the garden area.Radcliffe Driveway. Maintenance-free driveway to house.Radcliffe Driveway. Platinum Silver with Classic Grey release.

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